What is Yellow Fungus? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - How to prevent Yellow Fungus?

What is Yellow Fungus? How to prevent Yellow Fungus? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment. With the Covid 19 cases, the fungal infection cases are also increasing. A patient from Gaziabad has been found with the symptoms of Yellow Fungus. 

Yellow fungus
Source: DNP India

The cases of mycosis are increasing in the country day by day. After the declaration of the black fungus infection (mucormycosis) as an epidemic in some states, the first case of Yellow fungus has come into the picture in a 45 years old patient in Ghaziabad, UP. This case is diagnosed by Dr. B. P. Tyagi, an ENT specialist. The news agency ANI has reported that the patient also had symptoms related to black fungus and white fungus.

According to health experts, yellow fungus is more dangerous than black fungus and white fungus. In the other two fungal infections, the symptoms are visible. But in the case of yellow fungus, it begins internally. This infection can cause heavy internal damage, so it needs attention from the very beginning. 

What is yellow fungus infection?

The yellow fungus infection is also a fungal infection (mycosis) like the black fungus and white fungus infections. These types of infections are not new. Like the other fungal infections, yellow fungus infection also spreads via contaminated environments.

The manner of the spread of yellow fungal infections is different from the other two fungal infections. The yellow fungus mainly disturbs the vital bodily processes by attacking the internal organs of the body.


Unsanitary conditions are the primary cause of fungal infection. Contaminated food and air, overuse of steroids and antibacterial drugs, poor hygiene may also increase the chances of getting infected with yellow fungus. Patients with low immunity or comorbidities have a great risk of infection.


The loss of appetite, weight loss, and lethargy are the main symptoms of yellow fungus infection. In the later stage, the patients may exhibit severe symptoms like multi-organ failure, slow healing of wounds, sunken eyes, leakage of pus from wounds, slow healing of wounds, etc.


The only available medicine to treat yellow fungus infection is Amphotericin B, a broad-spectrum antifungal injection.

How to prevent yellow fungus infection?

The precaution you may take to prevent the infection are:
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Keep checking the humidity of your home and room, as it promotes fungal and bacterial growth.
  • Stay away from stale food or fecal substances.
  • Covid-19 patients must start the treatment as soon as possible to stop complications like these fungal infections.
  • Diabetes patients must be more cautious, and they should try to keep their blood sugar level under control.
  • Use proper masks and sanitizers to prevent these types of infections.

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