Delicacies to try during Durga Puja

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Durga puja, the festival loved by everyone alike is just around the corner. With girls trying to look their best ever and the guys trying to groom themselves I'm sure everyone here has it all sorted out. But what about the food ???!!! We see different kinds of food stalls being set around every nook and corner of the city during these 4-5 days. So, let us tell you folks out here some of the must-try delicacies during this time of the year.

1. Jalebis

- We start our list with this sweet which is made by some sweet shops especially during Durga Puja although it's available all year round. But there's something about the jalebis prepared during this time, which makes it special. Also, for an added taste, you can dip those in curd.  😋😋

2. Rolls and Chowmein

- We know you must be thinking what's so special about these two since its available everywhere. Well, for once ditch those fancy restaurants's Chinese and try the roadside stall's rolls and chowmein. Trust me, there's nothing that tastes like Desi Chinese and your taste buds will be in for a surprise.

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3. Khichri

- Khichri is served at every Durga Puja pandal as a part of the bhog that is served to the deities. Its a must-have item without which the rituals seem incomplete. And even though you can easily cook this at home but, we suggest you go out and try the khichris which is served in pandals. They really taste nothing alike.

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4. Ilish Bhapa

- An item which no Bengali can resist. Even though the ilish maach has a lot of bones but it's taste is so exquisite you have to try it once. It can be prepared in a steamer, pressure cooker or oven.  Its smell is so very delicious I'm sure you'll be blown away by it.

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5. Kosha Mangsho

- Kosha mangsho is basically mutton braised with onions, tomatoes, mustard oil, ginger-garlic and a host of other spices. It's a spicy dish which tastes well when served with plain rice or lucchi. Its a traditional Bengali dish and every other Bengali makes sure to have this dish at least once during Durga Puja.

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6. Biryani

- There's hardly any Indian who can say NO to biryani. Famous biryani restaurants find it difficult during this time of the year to keep in pace with the insatiable hunger of the people. But then some random biryani stalls are being set up on roads and pavements during this time and if you're lucky you'll find some of them being heavenly in taste.

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7. Chops

Want a light appetizer to satiate your hunger till the time you gorge on something heavy. Chops are here to rescue you. Chop is nothing but vegetable cutlet served in roadside stalls with kasundi or tomato sauce.

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8. Mishti

- No festival is complete without sweets and neither is Durga Puja. You have to stuff yourself with these delicious sweets be it sondesh, rasagulla, mihidana tart, mihidana, boondi laddoo, pera etc.

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So, there you have it !!! Some very common yet delicious dishes you should definitely give a go in between your pandal hopping time. Also Happy Durga Puja folks. 💓💓

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