Best Blogging Tools For Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Best Blogging Tools That Will Help You Rank Higher in Google

best free blogging tools for blogger

Blogging is not only about writing content. You have to make sure your content is readable, contains the focus keyword and SEO friendly. 

If you don't know what Search Engine Optimization is or SEO, then you really need to understand what it truly is, because, without SEO, not a single blog can rank on the Google first page. You might think what is the big deal about ranking on the first page, well it's all about the organic traffic or in plain sentence 'free of cost advertisement'. 

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. The term excludes the purchase of paid placement, referring only to the improvement of unpaid results. Wikipedia
Over the past 5 years of blogging, I got to know a few tools which really helped me to be where I am now. I know I have a long way to go, but still, these 6 tools might help you with something that I really wished I had 5 years ago.

Best Blogging Tools

1. SEO Content Editor

Since Blogger or Blogspot lacks SEO plugins (like Yoast SEO for WordPress), hence this tool is a must-have for all blogs which are hosted on the free Google Child ''. This is a great editor where you can do the following things:
  • Enter one Focus Keyword,
  • Enter multiple secondary keywords
  • Find keywords
  • Create an SEO optimized page title
  • Create an SEO optimized Meta description
  • Word count
It even states your total SEO score. Total SEO Score above 85 is considered to be good. Note: This will only allow you to edit the content and make it SEO friendly, but you'll not be able to save it as it is a plugin of WordPress.  

2. Canva

After SEO optimization comes graphics or pictures which will make it attractive for a user. Canva is an app or a website which allows you to create graphical content for your website, social media and even for your presentations. It is a must-have application which is totally free to use. You can even create a beautiful Blog logo, banner, Instagram stories, WhatsApp stories or Pinterest graphics.
All you have to do is create an account or sign in using your Gmail account.

3. Royalty Free Images

I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger, so I need to create content where I need to insert pictures regarding that Topic. 80% of the time, I use pictures which I have captured, whether for a DIY, review or a tutorial, but sometimes I do use images which are not my own. For that purpose, you cannot just download an image from anybody's website and post it, you have to either give them credits by linking back to it or by asking their permission. So, royalty free images come handy during those times. I've mentioned below three websites that I use which provide Free Royalty-free images.

4. SEOQuake

SEOQuake is a free plugin for your browser that gives you powerful SEO metrics about a site. If you install this plugin to your chrome browser, then whenever you open a website, you will get information like Alexa rankings, Google index, binge index, SEMrush index, etc about a site. (Refer picture below).

This will even help you choose a keyword which will help you rank higher and earn higher. Suppose, you want to see the CPC of a keyword, then all you have to do is google the phrase and see its CPC. 
It will also help you in choosing a keyword by looking at the DS (Domain score) and TS(Trust Score) of a site. You should only write about a keyword if your blog has a similar DS and TS compared to the websites which are displayed on the first page of google.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is a plugin for your browser which helps you to write proper sentences without any grammatical error or spelling mistakes. The last thing you want in your blog are some grammatical or spelling errors, it totally hampers your user interactiveness.

In the above picture, you can see that the word has been misspelled and in the right-hand corner, 1 has been depicted stating the number of errors you have in this document.


SmallSEOTools is a must have for any blogger out there. It will help you rewrite an article, check the plagiarism of the content and much more. I highly recommend this site as it is very efficient and easy-to-use.

So, these were the 6 Best Blogging Tools For Blogger/Blogspot Blogs. I'll keep on updating whenever I find something new. Do let me know in the comments section below if blog post helped you out or if you want to add something new to the list.

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